Your Professional Pet Sitter


Your assigned pet or house sitter . . .

  1. Is our exclusive pet-care employee—we do not hire independent contractors.
  2. Has had a criminal background check performed by a law enforcement agency.
  3. Will be a mature adult over 23*—not a kid!
  4. Abides by our stringent code of ethics and performance standards.

The pet or house sitter you interview . . .

  1. Will be your selection and may be changed as you see fit—we won’t force-fit.
  2. Lives and/or works in your community.
  3. Will suit your pet’s personality, disposition, and welfare needs.
  4. Is dedicated to the love and care of animals.
  5. Is bonded and insured against liability by the Business Insurers of the Carolinas.
  6. Is covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance against injury in the workplace.

*May be over 21 if the pet sitter has a college degree.

Pet Sitter

Our pet and house sitters . . .

  1. Include many veterinary technicians.
  2. Can administer pet medications.
  3. Cover the 20-county metropolitan Atlanta area.
  4. Volunteer their time and donate money to pet and animal rescue associations.

Our boarding and daycare pet sitters . . .

  1. Are stay-at-home employees, and most are Moms with a very helpful family.
  2. Will accept your pet into their home as a member of their family.

If we haven’t answered your question, ask!

Insurance coverage

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