Technology Stuff

How You Benefit

Our pet sitters have smart phones or other mobile devices—and an app—allowing them to communicate with (or to) you via a secure site during their visit to care for your pet. Our Client Portal allows you to enter and maintain your information, and manage your reservations, all on that secure site. The menu item Client Login will take you there.

For example:

  1. Register for an account at your convenience—whenever!
  2. Manage personal and pet details at your convenience—whenever!
    1. Add pictures of your pets.
    2. Establish your preferred payment method.
    3. Reset your password without support help.
  3. Manage current and future reservations at your convenience—whenever!
    1. Schedule or make changes to reservations with quick confirmation.
    2. Schedule multiple reservations and service types in one session.
    3. Receive reminders of upcoming reservations.
    4. View all past, current, and future reservations.
    5. Easily cancel a reservation with quick confirmation.
  4. During any reservation’s visit:
    1. Receive pictures and updates during a visit via text or email.
    2. Receive a pet visit Report Card via text or email.
    3. Communicate with your pet sitter via text or email.
  5. After each visit, our Client Portal provides you:
    1. Our employee’s arrival and departure times—and duration on-site.
    2. Dog Walking, Power Walk, or Dog Run routing, all stops and durations.
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